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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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from walnut street. as far as we can tell, we are not going to see any delays.
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on the northern side, not too far from the county line, we have a crash on 50 at old weaver trail. you can see a little bit of a southbound delay building there as you leave the county lane on inbound highway 50. something you want to keep in mind as well. keep an eye on those sensories how they shape up over the next little while. just south of sanford, we have a crash blocking the southbound side. the 15501 strip. we are picking up some delays on the northbound and southbound sides there. so that is an area you want to keep in mind on the southern side of lee county. also in chatham county, getting word from chatham county 911 about a two- vehicle accident on kristen chapel church road on highway 42. these are not very heavily traveled roads, but if you do use that road to get around 42 between chatham, something you want to keep in mind. back to you u. >> thank you, bryan. charlotte's new ordnance involving transgender people and bathrooms could
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special legislative session today. >> today, charlotte council members and others from the queen city come to raleigh to make their voices heard and hear their objections to this. live at the legislative building to tell more. charlotte city council passed an ordnance than would allow transgender people to use restrooms of the those they identify with. many lawmakers say it is a threat to public safety. house members and the senate have suggested calling a special session in order to overturn that local ordnance. governor pat mccrory is also against it saying e it is a violation of privacy. he wants lawmakers. april 25th to deal with the issue. part of his reason is because special session cost the state
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senate pro tim has also called on the attorney general to step in to this matter. members of the charlotte city council, aclu, are going to be holding their press conference here this morning outside the general assembly. it's set for 10:00 a.m. you five cumberland county deputies have been disciplined for not arresting a trump supporter caught on camera hitting a protester. this happened at the donald trump alley last week. deputies took jones to the ground be put let 78-year-old john mcgraw return to his seat. the comber land county sheriff said the failure to act will not be tolerated. three officers have been demoted and suspended for five days without pay, and two others are suspended without pay for three days. all are on a one-year probation now. the -- charged with assault, want re, disorder any conduct and communicating threats. >>reporter: president obama's supreme court nominee will be on
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with lawmakers. will it go any further than that. as tracy potts tell us, republican leaders insist he will never get a hearing. >> the importance of hard work and fair dealing. >>reporter: a handful of republican senators have agreed to meet with the president supreme court nominee on capitol hill today. the white house is encouraged. >> that is a good thing. there is a constitutional responsibility as members of the united states senate to consider the president's nominee for the vacancy on the supreme court. it's as simple as that. >>reporter: the head of the senate judiciary committee may meet with garland in april after the break. others are undesided. >> if i do meet with him, it may not be a good use of his time. i am not going to change my position because it's based on the principle. >>reporter: the senate's top republican spot by phone. he won't need face-to-face. majority leader mitch mcconnell called waiting for the president's nominee, a fair and reasonable compromise.
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agreed. >> the president has every right to nominate whoever he wants to. the senate has nomination. senate the supreme court urging the republicans to act. >> if garland can't get bipartisan support, then nobody can. >> have the guts to vote yes or no. republicans vow no hearing, no vote. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. a nonpartisan, nonprofit group plans to deliver a petition to tom phyllis calling for action aniso please, ma'am court vacancy. common cause says the vacancy could leave a couple of high profile cases from our state in limbo. challenges to the voter i.d. law and republican-drawn voting maps are still in design. long lines and wait times. some local
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hours destreeted to tuesday's primary. polling sites that were supposed to close at 7:30 stayed open until 10:00. the county did report some precinct reports until after midnight. the board of director -- sayser people took advantage of early voting causing an influx of participation on election day. >> you chose to wait until the last hour of the last day to come vote. and if a whole lot of people do that, guess what is going to happen? they're going to have a line, and they're going to have to wait. >> perry says he's not sure why fewer people participated in early voting. although this yore, early voting was cut short by seven days. many sites did stay open later so the same number of hours were available. 7:08 now. testify man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in michigan is suing his former employer. >> what this man says being an uber driver made him do. >> we'll tell you why an
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attacked the former subway spokeman. metro is back up for business. what instructors found during an emergency safety check that shut the system down
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french authorities arrested four people involving a terror attack. unused. sim cards, usb cards and a gun for firing blanks. tensions are high in france since the november 13 attacks in paris that left hundreds of people dead. president obama will make history when he begins his three-davy so it to cuba. it will be the first visit to a sitting president in nine years. on tuesday, the president will give a speech at grand theater. greater freedom so he can make opportunities if you are the cuban people. president obama will meet with cuban president and attend ai major league baseball you exhibition game. layla santiago is going back to cuba for this presidential trip. she will have live reports from havana on this historic visit from washington. look for latest coverage starting sunday on wral.
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millions. he claimed his work as an uber driver damaged him psychologically. had is accused in the shooting attack killing six people and injuring two. he continues picking up fares in between the shooting. he says uber's aapp took over his body and made him shoot at random targets. 37:13. donald trump says he is done debating. justice of the peace he says he does not want to debate his republican rivals
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what we are learning >> that face. that face. that wonderful
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it glows all over the place. >> well, the voice of frank sinatra jr. who died overnight. we have got news of that. i hate to hear that. >> yeah, a beautiful voice just like his dad. it's a pet i morning out there. sunshine. >> a nice shot of the museum. our museum camera was off justice of the peace line -- offline. they were doing some repair work. we're happy to have that back online now. a shot of what's going on in downtown. right here, we're celebrating st. patrick's day u. yesterday, as we were looking at some video from the white house green fountain, and i said i hope we get that here. our general manager heard her, and wala, we have the green fountain. we are all trying to get in the spirit. i know my dress looks black, but it actually has green stripes. if i were wearing a green dress, you wouldn't see me anymore because i am standing in front of the green wall. we're doing our best today. it's a
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it's gorgeous out there. fifty-three is our current temperature. our skies are mostly clear. light northeast wind three miles per hour and our dew point is 346789 it feels nice and indictment it's not going to be humid. today is really going to be a perfect day. it was beautiful yesterday. we tied the record of 86 degreece. it won't be nearly as warm today. forty-nine in south hill. forty-five in southern pines. forty-eight in rocky mount and 50 degrees in goldsboro. temperatures are running a little cooler than this time yesterday. 12 degrees cooler. nine degrees cooler in irvin, fayettevillx clinton. here is a look at the records that we tied or broke. in raleigh, we hit 86 and tied the previous record. broke the record by 1 f-3. in fayetteville, it was 87. we hit 88 yesterday. broke the previous record of 85. it's much warmer than normal. temperatures 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. it's too early. that is about to change.
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offshore, and that opens the door to the colder air coming from canada. we have a low pressure system up here in the great lakes, and that's helping to funnel some of that cool air down. along the east coast in carolina. and you'll see -- we'll have a clear day today that takes us out into the afternoon. a little bit of passing cloud cover early tomorrow, and then the rest of friday looks nice and bright. saturday and sunday, a whole other story. we have a developing coastal low that is starting to spread some moisture in by saturday morning. we may have a few scattered showers saturday. sunday looks rainy, and both days look very chilly u. 77 today. seventy-one tomorrow. into the weekend, we're turning much cooler and we have a chance of showers really saturday and sunday. 5616 saturday's high, and just 48 on sunday. it's going to feel like host really all day, and ironically, sunday is the birthday of spring. the next seven days, it will be the most unpleasant day. at lunchtime, 44 with rain.
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we're back to sunshine monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and our temperatures start to climb back up again. back to 72 on wednesday. but don't ignore these morning lows. that is going to be a real shot to the system. on monday morning, temperatures close to freezing. we'll be right at freezing on tuesday. the normal overnight low is 41. the record is 22, but we normally see our average latest frost or freeze, you know, the second or third week of april across our viewing hear. so it is certainly normal for us to feel the saybreeze temperatures. >> yes, it's tucked away somewhere now. we are trying to wish away winter. it's not done quite yet. we have an accident involving the left lane of 40 westbound just past the goreman street interchange. this would be between goreman street and u.s. 1 s. you can see the delays building. that is traffic getting away from us. it looks like it is stop and crawl at
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let's look at your live drove times. seventeen minutes from garner on 40 westbound, and another 17 minutes on 440 and u.s. 1. consider using 07 business to get through garner, and if that is not an option for you, as you get out of garner on 40 westbound, take 440 westbound around the northern side of central raleigh. pick up 40 westbound on the o side of those delays. god news is once you get beyond the work zone and all those backed up, we're looking at just six minutes. we have an accident on the eastern side of johnson county not too far from the lane county line. one of our twitter followers sent us this picture. we're told it is an accident involving a tractor- trailer and a vehicle of some kind. looks like a car perhaps on the eastbound side of u.s. 70. it's best to avoid that area if you can this morning. back to you. seaworld is now agreeing to end breeding of captive killer whales. earlier, the marine entertainment
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rules against the breeding of orcas. sea world claimed that the coastal commission had overstepped its authority. an inmate beat up former subway spokeman to draw attention to the number of sex offenders in minimum security prisons. according to reports, the attack happened in january at the colorado prison where the men are serving their sentences. vogul ended up with injuries to his face. the other inmate was put in solitary containment as punishment. the d.c. metro system is finally back in business. the commute in and out of the city took twice as long yesterday without the metro. interstate traffic was bumper-to-bumper during rush hour and beyond. the subway service was shut down for a system-wide safety inspection prompted by a series of electrical fires. 700,000 people ride the metro system every day. a huge advancement is keeping us safer on the roads. and now standard equipment for most cars. federal safety officials and auto makers are expected to announce
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have agreed to make automatic emergency breaking standard equipment on most cars by 2022. the breaking system uses cameras, radar, and other sensors to see objects in the way and to slow or stop the vehicle if the driver doesn't react. the insurance institute for highway safety says cars with automatic breaking can cut rear-end crashes by about 40% eliminating 700,000 crashes per year. michigan governor rick snider will testify before the u.s. house committee on oversight and government reform. it is the third and last hearing on the flint water crisis which saw thousands of residents affected by tainted and undrinkable water. in his remarks, governor snider will speak about his commitment to finding a longterm and permanant solution for the crisis. epa administrator is also expected to testify later this morning. more than a dozen u.s. military personnel were disciplined over the october bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. that includes special operations
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hospital is run by doctors without borders. forty-two people inside died during that attack which the pentagon blamed on human error. the u.s. agreed to pay $6000 to each of the victim's families and 3000 to the wounded. we heard a song from him just moments ago. another well-known name in the music industry is gone. frank sinatra jr., son of the legendary singer, died last night while on tour in daytona, beach, florida. he followed his father into the news business as a singer and also worked as his father's musical director. a spokeman for the family says sinatra died of cardiac arrest. he was 72. the republican presidential debate planned for monday night in utah is being scrapped. frontrunner donald trump says we have had enough debates and is refusing to participate. john kasich's campaign says he won't debate if trump is not there. tuesday is the utah caucus and the arizona primary. the property of the former n.c.
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football player is under the microscope again. >> what investigators pulled from the raleigh home and what the search could be connected to. and he doesn't just teach his students social studies. he teaches them to think. linda loveland introduces us to
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the week. another accident. down to the right side. down to three lanes in both directions
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it doesn't take much for g back-ups. back-ups well advance. a 7-minute ride. and now approaching 40 minutes. consider using 440 westbound as an alternate route. once you get beyond all that, a smooth ride. bill? >> ank you very much. five. video from the rally shows a man hitting a protester being escorted from the event. the trump supporter was eventually charged. a group in charlotte will be in raleigh today to protest a possible special session of the general
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want to address that would allow transgender people to use the restroom at their gender identity. another gorgeous day straight ahead. >> it is so pretty. from the north carolina museum of natural sciences. just a lovely breeze there by the legislative building. you can see some green start to show up. spring officially starts on sunday. forty-seven in irwin. forty-eight in south hill and rocky mount. pleasant hi cool this -- pleasantly cool this morning. we'll see a high of 77. seventy-seven friday and cloudy on saturday. thank you, elizabeth. running for a
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the ceo gores up for the rock good morning. we are learning more today about why sergeant bergdahl said he left his post in afghanistan in 2009. some newly released documents. >> the documents show an army sanity board investigation concluded that bergdahl suffered from a type of personalty disorder when he left the post. a mayo clinic website says people with that distort have trouble interpreting social skew cues and can develop significant distrust of others. he faces a court marshall on charges of dissession and misbehavior. state agents raided two homes belonging to a were toker n.c. state football player with questionable ties to former high profile athletes. members of the spi and agents with the secretary of state's office
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town hah home on isabelle la can nondriver. a spokesperson would not comment on the investigation, but the secretary of state does oversee possible violations of the athlete agent laws. in,c state told leak to stay away after he provided proper benefits to former basketball star cj leslie and another player. he had dealings with former football player david amerson. soon after, both players announced they were going pro, leak helped them buy high-end sports cars. one of those sports cars was seized by federal agents in a separate investigation. and medicaid law involving two companies. a lewisberg woman who dedicated her life fighting for equal rights attended a special event at the white house last night. last nth, 94-year-old living voir dire sinty. she attended the women's function last night. and last remaining that marched with martin
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currently, she is the new photo i.d. requirement. our partners at radio one are holding a radiothon today for st. jude children's research hospital. at st. jewel, no child is ever turned away because they can't pay for the treatment. at # 1:00 p.m. you can call 1-800-411-9898 to donate. here -- tonight proposed improvements in raleigh. plans include extending and installing sidewalks, bike lanes, round about, streetlights and trees. there will be some winding along and the permanant closure. direct access to western boulevard. this is just southeast of ash avenue. the public meeting will be from 6:00 until 7:00 tonight in room 30 # at raleigh city hall. >> to you like round abouts? >> i don't mind them. i have gotten used to them now. >> does it bother you? >> i like them.
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>> it takes a while to get used to. >> i like them a lot because it keeps traffic moving and once you get used to them, they are not too hard to deal with. you don't have to sit at the light and wait your turn. it doesn't seem to back up traffic too much as long as everybody understands what's going on. look at that bust sky over rdu. not a cloud in it. it looks absolutely beautiful out there this morning. our temperatures feel great. mid 40s to mid 50s. fifty-three in garner. forty-five. forty-eight in rocky mountain. 50 degrees roxboro. forty yous in in some spots. mid 50s in others. fairly comfortable, but comfortably cool. a bit cooler this afternoon. we ended up tying the record of l 6. our high this afternoon of 77. still with the kids heading to school, shorts and tee shirts are fine. tomorrow, it may be a little more questionable, the beginning of next week, we're going to have to pull out the winter coats and we'll talk about that. is
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that has developed on i-40? >> i would suggest using 440 westbound is morning. that's probably the best bet. we had a minor accident. it is all moved off to the side of the road now, but we're still seeing some heavy residual delays. that 31 minutes really stands out there. and because of those back-ups, we're seeing some significant delays. it's going to take you 20 minutes to get from 4 # to 44. and we'll take a look at the map at a second and get a lock at 440 westbound maybe as an alternate route. we're going to remind you about this accident over in the princeton area over the eastern side of johnson county near the wayne county line apparently blocking at least part of 70 eastbound, not too far. we're going to get some more details about that accident. now, here is the live commute map, and 440 westbound is an option for you as an alternate route although it is starting to get a little busy
7:34 am
then it slows down again between glenwood and wade avenue, so if you chose that spend a little time in stop and roll conditions, but it's probably going to be a lot faster. now, i should point out that the accident has been interstate, and flowing a little bit more freely, for instance, on it should take a long time to get all those delays cleared up completely. we have a crash on 1010 road at holly springs, and on david drive over in the morrisville area. in wake forest, look out for an accident on capitol boulevard at corona boulevard. right now, we're seeing some pretty heavy southbound delays in advance of 98 all the way down toward corona. we'll keep that in mind and maybe consider using main street as an alternate route here there hahn in the central part of wake re. we want to update you on this accident. southern
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blocked at 15501 seeing a crash. a little bit of a northbound delay. southern lee county not too far. >> thank you, bryan. appreciate that. passion and drive. two qualities that perfectly describe our teacher of the week. >> in partnership with the north carolina education lottery. linda loveland introduces us to an educator who thinks globally. >> congratulations. we heard some great things about you. >>reporter: nc state grad jessie gore is in sixth year of teaching at the middle school. his goal every day is to make sure his students learn something new. >> and they set goals for themselves, if they are able to achieve those goals and find success. and i like to reach the success that we all know that they have, but they are struggling to find sometimes. >>reporter: jessie is a doer. his principal says he's a passionate teacher who comes up with engaging and creative ideas. >> he's bringing in music and artwork, and they are analyzing it and looking at it and
7:36 am
and we want kids to really collaborate about this and think critically about things so he pushes them. he pushes them to think. >>reporter: if the north is a communist country -- social studies. a bigger message, one of making the world a better place by doing their small part. >> and i quote ghandi a lot. and a lot of them take that to heart, and actually, i have seen a lot of kids show their ability to be active with change the whord -- changing the world. so it's exciting to see that. >>reporter: with our teacher of the week, jessie gore, i'm lynn dan loveland, wral news, raleigh. >> jessie is one of 15 teachers from north carolina chosen to go to finland for three weeks this summer. there, he will learn more about the country's highly out thed and world-reknowned educative policy. to see all of our teachers, search teacher on 7:37.
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and roll raleigh race is on. >> 23 days left before the weekend kicks off. up next, the ceo will join us in our studio to tell us how dozens are running for a cause this year. >> plus, we'll tell you the first lady michelle obama what she is
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mark on the south by southwest welcome back. we're a little more than three weeks away from the third running of the rock and roll marathon half marathon. thousands of runners to cross the finish range for a wide number. some will raise money. they will be wearing the team v tee shirts with
7:40 am
don't ever give up. you can always see them coming because they have these bright green tee susan. morning. >> thanks. you. >> so talk a little bit about year's team. you have a pretty good number. >> and you have -- we have a great number of people participating in the marathon. signed up and training and raising funding for us. but you know the 5 general k is almost sold out. and that means poo em can -- if they're willing to come on to team v and help raise a little bit of money for cancer research. they can get in the race. that is a great option for families everybody. >> not too late to sign up. >> tell us a little bit more about the foundation. and where this money comes. >> we're able to spend a hundred cents on the dollar raised for cancer research. we spend it on grants all throughout the country. we spent $20 million on grants
7:41 am
for cancer research and in our history, more than 150 million. we picked the best of the best of yuck investigators and great translational grants from all around the country, but we have also been really generous right here in the triangle because we have great researchers here. o. >> so team v running in the rock and roll marathon, that's a key part of the fundraising for. >> it really is. and it's a way for us to stay involved in the community here too. we love being a part of rock and roll tar ma on the and being able to be one of the charities. we could use some volunteers. if anybody wants to volunteer, they could call our office and come out and help. >> it is up as much a fun event to be part of for the first and second years i was out here helping to h emcee at the start of the race. i got the pleasure of meeting the daughter of the legendary coach. she'll be running this year. >> she will. and one of the great
7:42 am
daughter is that she, herself is a cancer survivor, and he talks about that. and in his great espy speech, he says this may not save my life starting the foundation, but it may save my children, or it may save someone we love. and here, she's ten years out, very healthy, treated obey clinical trial. she is doing great. >> just as inspiring as her father and just as personable. >> yesterday, the v foundation announcing a new partnership to bring national attention to a campaign focused on pediatric cancer. if you want to sign up for this, search rock and roll on for training tips, course maps, parking video and pictures. you can register on the website. >> thanks for -- we're appreciated in all your support. you guys are the best. >> bill, back to you. >> thank you very much. appreciate that so much. coming up, president obama is ready for the ncaa tournament.
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his bracket and what is trending. the noner new shoe unvailed at a nike
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fans thinking about >> so is love. so is love. >> he sounded a whole lot like his dead, didn't he? >> yeah. >> frank sinatra jr. . >> he died from a heart attack at the age of 72. >> sorry to hear that. hard to believe he was 72. >> wow. >> but his songs will move on. beautiful weather out there. >> it is gorgeous. we have you pretty
7:46 am
look at all that sunshine in downtown wilson. it looks like that all over the viewing area. hardly a cloud in the sky. we have another beautiful day on tap, but expected to be noticeably cooler than yesterday. yesterday was downright hot. we tied the record of 86 at the airport. and a 20 degrees above normal. it's 53 at the airport. a nice breeze out of the northeast. our dew point is down to m so it will be a nice crisp feeling with all that blue sky. forty-eight. it's 44 in south hill. and goldsboro and clinton. fifty-two in fayetteville. feeling good out there. our temperatures running anywhere from eight or nine. but most of you will notice the difference as you step outside. that sun is going to make it feel great. our temperatures continue to run above normal for the next two days. today and tomorrow. of course, we'll be a lot cooler than yesterday's 86. at 77. then we drop to 71 on friday. right here, this
7:47 am
that signifies what the normal is which is 64 today and 65 on monday, and then look what happens to our temperature. what a jolt to the system. we had such a long period of above normal temperatures that i think everybody was getting used to it. typically in march, we'll have some days above normal and we flip back down to days below normal. so you have that real back and forth. it's been a long stretch of warm temperatures and actually just a cool snap. we'll be fairly short and see mperatures back up into midweek. mid 50s saturday. upper 40s saturday. we'll see rain on and off for a good portion of the weekend. on monday, we're back with some sunshine, but weir going to start with some very cold temperatures. winter coat weather on monday and tuesday. more on that coming up. why this big change? the cold front has moved through, and now it has opened the door to the cold air from canada. we'll have a low pressure system that will develop offshore and that will bring some
7:48 am
weekend. everything looks nice and bright for the rest of today and into tomorrow. we ma i wake up to some cloud cover tomorrow morning, but then as the sun returns, and friday should be a pretty day too with the temperatures going back a little bit. by saturday morning, at 5:00 a.m., you can see some precipitation just to our south. so some showers on and off both sat and sunday, i should say. and then tomorrow looks beautiful. and the first round of the ncaa tournament today. unc plays florida gulf coast university over at the pnc arena. today, if you are going to be out there before the game, it should be beautiful. at 7:00, 70 degrees. seventy-one on friday. we head into the weekend before sunday, ironically is the first day of spring, and looks like temperatures in the host. and showers on and off. on monday and tuesday, we start off with cold temperatures. thirty-three monday. thirty-two on tuesday. our normal low temperature for this time of year is actually
7:49 am
this is a good bit below normal. after that, temperatures rebound to 72 wednesday. that will be sunny and bryan, you have been following that big back-up on the beltline. >> just a little bit. this is in the works. an earlier crash. it has all moved over to the shoulder now, and traffic is starting to move a little more quickly there. but still, we are looking at a 25-minute ride om 440. it's going going to take a 6- minute ride. to the south side of raleigh is going to be a gradual improvement. we're down to 24 minutes now as that sensor reading updates. allow extra time considering using 440 westbound maybe as an alternate route. it started to get a little
7:50 am
many great jobs options. you just want to be patient as you come in from the south and east on i-40 through raleigh. the goddens is once you get beyond all of that, it's a smooth ride. we're also still following delays about this accident on the eastbound side of johnson county. seventy east at ramble which is not too far from the johnson wayni county line. another accident getting cleared up. still want to avoid than area if you can. on the northern side, an accident in corona in the clearing stages. way are seeing very heavy delays. consider using main street as an alternate route. back you. welcome to the big dance. the ncaa tournament gets underway today and both unc and duke will play. wral will be at tnt arena as round one begins. that is where unc will take on the florida
7:51 am
mitchell is on the road with duke. the blue devils start the tournament in rhode island. they take on wilmington. michelle obama left her mark on the south-by southwest music festival by chopping a -- dropping a charity single called "this is for girls." this is for my girls. this is for my girls. >> that is missy elliott along with kelly rowland and kelly clarkson on the song. it's part of the 62 million girls campaign run by the first lady's let girls learn initiative. time for a look at what is trending. nike just unvailed futurist rick sneakers. some might say these are better than marty mcfly's from back to the
7:52 am
the nike hyper adapt 1.0 has power laser. when you step in, your heel will sitter hit a sensor. you can adjust two buttons aup the side that adjust the grip of your laces. future models could be automatic. the shoes will go on sale for the holiday season. prices were not released. nike says the potential for shoes with adapting lacing is huge because it provides taylor to the moment custom fit. it represents what the ceo of the company called a new era of personal xized performance. wow, no more having to tie your shoes. you should see his face. other invasions include anticlog soccer cleats and a half dozen other shoes in an upgrade to their nike plus app that will be available in june. >> well, i personally don't plan on getting nose. some people probably need help e. that would be good for them. >> sure.
7:53 am
a 5 on your side takes a look at the best vacuums for the plush carpet and how you can
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really well it is 7:56. here are your top stories. we begin with traffic. >> we have a couple of messes right now including one in durham on 85 southbound. you can see where we have an accident blocking two left lanes on the southbound side of 85. if you can pick out 85 south, i don't you should be in pretty good shape. we are watching those delays this mointhuge north side of durham. also still tracking some back- ups on 40 westbound. we had an earlier accident not too far from goreman street.
7:56 am
those delays are starting to ease up considerably now, 15 minutes. but we still have some back-ups in garner. sixteen minute to be make that trip from 42 to 440 and as that heavy traffic moves, we're probably not going to see too much improvement on the south side of raleigh. consider using 440 westbound as an alternate route. it's also starting to get congested. police in greenville are investigating after a car crashed into the medical center emergency room. the driver of the car apparently suffered a medical condition at the wheel. four people were hurt. we're working to learn their conditions. common cause north carolina is commissioning senator phyllis to call for action on the supreme court vacancy. the group says the vacancy voter i.d. law in limbo. it is going to be a gorgeous day, and not as warm as yesterday. >> temperatures in the 70s verses the 80s. it is st. patrick's day, so we have dyed our fountain in front of
7:57 am
in celebration, and we should not sew any green on the radar. instead, we have this beautiful blue sky. forty-eight. fifty in goldsboro. fifty-two in fayetteville so this morning a little cooler than yesterday. and that will be cool this afternoon too. seventy-seven will feel great. cooler friday at 71. and a chilly weekend. fifty-six saturday. >> thanks, elizabeth. the ceo of the state's largest insurance provider is apologizing to the thousands of people who have
7:58 am
7:59 am
right now, state lawmakers are considering a special session to overturn. a group in raleigh will prop it's. and out in arrested seen on video. a protester at a donald trump rally. the punishment they received. >> president obama is getting ready for a supreme court show-down for the u.s. senate. >> thank you so much for joining us at this 58 hour -- 8:00 hour. good morning and happen approximate i st. patrick's day. >> charlotte's new ordnance involving transgender people. and charlotte council members came to raleigh to voice their objection. wral is live at the legislative building to tell us more. to call a special
8:00 am
law u. charlotte city council passed an ordnance that would allow transgender people to use restrooms of the gender they would identify with. city lawmakers said that the ordnance is a threat to public safety. house members and the senate have suggested calling the special session in order to overturn this ordnance. governor pat mcrcrory is also against the ordnance saying it is a violation of privacy. he wants lawmakers to wait until a session starts april 25th to deal with the issue. part of his reasoning is because special session cost the state 4 # thousand a day. the senate has called on the attorney general to step in on this matter. members from charlotte city council many will be here for this press conference along with members of the aclu. their press conference is scheduled to take place at here outside the general assembly. five cumberlan, do county


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